Moving Forward

Life is a journey full of lessons that enlighten us and expand our experience. How we act based on these lessons is different for each person that what makes us humans different. These so called lessons we go through come in different forms. some come from mistakes we learned from others can be taught to us by other people’s own experience or knowledge as mentioned by (Ross, N.D.) “Life lessons are hard things to learn because we usually have to live through trauma to gain them. But once we learn the lesson, we hope to can keep them close to our heart, and actually remember them the next time” (Para 1); Moreover, some lessons can be taught through education for example unit CIU110 has taught me valuable lessons in writing and the importance of research. In this unit I have not only learned how to write academically but also how to write creatively with support. As said by (Copland, 2015) “Academic writing fosters the students’ ability to express themselves by understanding of the language used and the ability to communicate; this is the essence of education and a requirement to serve in the area of discipline.” (para 7). As you can see Academic and creative writing is very important for students and thats what CIU110 help me develop. This development will deeply help me in my field of interest which is Film because it helps me express myself the right way. which will help me send my message to the viewers correctly and easily. As you can see writing in general assists people in expressing better with more emotions and details.


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